The Yacht Controller Dual Band  model is the latest technological advance in the field of remote wireless controls for boat mooring.
Technologically even more advanced than the original patented Yacht Controller model, the DUAL BAND version has finally left behind its
many imitators.By operating on two completely separate frequency bands, the Yacht Controller Dual Band model makes your mooring procedure even
safer than before, by eliminating external interference from any nearby unscreened devices that do not comply with the legal requirements for
wireless transmissions. When your receiver is turned on, a switch on the transmitter handset gives you full control over the mooring operations.
The special silicone membrane switches are robust enough to withstand more than 200,000 movements. The transmitter is waterproof and will
float if dropped overboard.Il nuovo ricevitore, tecnologicamente avanzato, presenta le seguenti caratteristiche:

The new DUAL BAND receiver is a technological revolution. It features the following improvement:

  • A double receiver operating on two separate frequency bands, ensuring perfect operation even when there is external interference
    or when either of the two bands is out of service.
  • A multiprocessor structure (a central CPU with a microprocessor for each function) that gives you two levels of
    control over each function, making unintended commands impossible to execute should anything go wrong.
  • Double relays for each command output, preventing unintended activation.
  • A modular design that can be easily modified to add new functions. If you change your boat you won’t need
    to buy a new Yacht Controller. You simply replace an internal card and can continue to operate your new boat with
    different controls.
  • LEDs on the front of the receiver unit confirm that the electronics are operating correctly, tell you which commands
    are being activated, and provide details of any malfunctions.
  • A beeper warns you should you lose connection to the transmitter, signals the various states of operation, and
    has an alarm to advise you of any malfunction.