After the launch of the JCS Plus, joystick fans will now be delighted with the new YACHT CONTROLLER EN-JOY Plus: the latest release in joystick remote controls. The YACHT CONTROLLER EN-JOY Plus has a new revolutionary 3 axis joystick that can manage movements in all directions, as well as boat rotation, with buttons also providing […]


V.IPS – Wireless Joystick for Pod Drives Do you want to have the new V.IPS? Order it! Double band of transmission Rotation of the Joystick Acceleration option * Automatic/Manual option Thrusters and engines option/thrusters only, option Control of the engines and optional controls for bow thruster, stern thruster and up to 2 anchor winches  


BOAT MANOUVERING SYSTEM WITH ELECTRONIC ENGINE CONTROLS Natural evolution of the Dual Band, the Dual Band plus brings some features until today available only on the En-Joy model (wireless joystick). Yacht Controller Dual Band Plus is equipped too with a double band of transmission that transmit simultaneously on both bands to avoid any interference caused […]


Yacht Controller JCS PLUS can be used alone or integrated with the popular and UNIQUE wireless remote control mooring systems, Yacht Controller DUAL BAND and/or Yacht Controller SMART . With a simple movement of the hand, the Joystick JCS allows simultaneous operation of the motors and of the bow and stern thrusters, enabling you to […]


The Yacht Controller Dual Band  model is the latest technological advance in the field of remote wireless controls for boat mooring. Technologically even more advanced than the original patented Yacht Controller model, the DUAL BAND version has finally left behind its many imitators.By operating on two completely separate frequency bands, the Yacht Controller Dual Band model makes […]