Yacht Controller s.r.l. is the world leader in wireless remote controlled docking systems for yachts and boats with electronic engine controls.

We are the inventors of remote control systems for boats and from 1999 to today …
we write the story of the best advanced “dual band” technology for total mooring management safety.

Today with our:

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you can perfectly manage mooring maneuvers without having to stay at the helm.


Don’t have a BOW thruster? Don’t have a STERN thruster? Here is our solution to avoid costly installations:

                                                                                                                    VIRTUAL THRUSTERS

  • View, manage, and diagnose your Nemesis, Maximo or Supremo from anywhere in the world using any smart device!
  • 64 bit quad processor receiver scrolling more than 100 channels to eliminate interference and provide ultimate redundancy and security
  • 100+ times more powerful than any remote available
  • Instantly set/modify proportional or incremental control of engines
  • Manage your proportional thrusters by changing minimum and maximum speed and ramp time
  • Quick select of five pre-set profile engine speed settings to immediate suit on-board conditions, and customize them any time via your smart device
  • Firmware upgrades remotely transmitted to keep your system up to date
  • Two different bands far from one another to avoid interferences/disturbs and hopping on the two bands (25 Channels on Nemesis, 49 on MaXimo, 100 on SVPREMO)
  • Equipped with an internal Spectrum Analyzer that allows you to change the settings in the event of interference on one of the transmission Bands. Remote Scan allows the automatic detection of the best broadcast channels on the 2 bands and bandwidth antenna tuning
  • Range in excess of 260 feet with Supremo
  • Two-way communication between remote and receiver
  • Compatible to mirror the receiver display on Garmin, Raymarine, other navigational screens, tablets etc. for easy viewing
  • Add new features by connecting the device to the Factory/Dealer
  • Multi-functional capability for dual anchors, swim platforms, cable masters etc.
  • Automatic MODE: it will automatically insert the bow, the stern and the engines if needed during the manoeuvre, automatically optimizing the mooring.

The commands are activated using the joystick and the buttons on the keyboard. The “head” of the joystick has been studied and designed exclusively for YACHT CONTROLLER, to make it easier to grip. It is possible to use the TJ transceiver as a mini joystick on the bridge by purchasing the fixed charger separately.
Using the joystick it will be possible to control the engines, the bow thruster, the stern thruster, while with the keys it is possible to control the windlass or winches of the anchor, the manual and automatic modes, the acceleration and possibly other devices ON /OFF present on the boat.
The further controls of the bow and stern thrusters also allow them to be managed separately without using the joystick.

The keyboard is made up of special silicone membrane levers guaranteed for over 250,000 actuations, designed and produced exclusively for YACHT CONTROLLER, which allow you to control together or separately the starboard engine, the left engine, the bow thruster, the propeller transom, anchor windlass(s), manual and automatic modes, throttle, and possibly other ON/OFF devices on your boat.

The levers on the keyboard allow the immediate identification of each function without moving your gaze to the transmitter to be able to concentrate exclusively on mooring operations.

The innovative silicone keyboard of the TK, studied and designed exclusively for YACHT CONTROLLER, with its different buttons in terms of thickness and shape allows absolute mastery of the device without having to take your eyes off the manoeuvre. It will be possible to operate the engines together with a single key and separately with the corresponding left and right engine keys, as well as for the directional propellers.

It will also be possible to control the anchor winch or winches, manual and automatic modes, acceleration and possibly other ON/OFF devices present on the boat.

Here below you find our Dual Band Series: