Virtual Thrusters



Yacht Controller Virtual Thruster software makes Palm Beach debut

The patent-pending software works in tandem with The Yacht Group’s dual band Yacht Controller Maximo and Supremo technology

The Yacht Group is showcasing its new Yacht Controller Virtual Thruster software at the Palm Beach International Boat Show (PBIBS) this week. 

Working in tandem with the company’s dual band Yacht Controller Maximo and Supremo technology which debuted at the 2023 Miami International Boat Show (MIBS), the new patent-pending Virtual Thruster software allows Yacht Controller Maximo and Supremo to program the thruster directional controls with engine counter rotation speed variations which simulate virtualthruster control for side to side and/or lateral boat movement without an actual thruster. This feature will also serve vessels with only a bow thruster equipped.

The innovative feature further enhances the boat handling experience, especially useful for catamarans with hull designs that do not allow for easy thruster mounting as well as trawlers, sportfish or other vessels without a thruster.

“At The Yacht Group, we are pleased to once again lead the wireless control segment of the marine industry, making control easier and more comfortable for boating enthusiasts with our Virtual Thruster,” says Gerald Berton, president of The Yacht Group.

Anthony Valiente, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner at The Yacht Group, said, “The Virtual Thruster is a game changer when docking vessels without a stern thruster or no thrusters at all. Yacht Controller Maximo’s 64-bit Quad Core Processor is the foundation to bringing Virtual Thruster to life. With this processing power, we are excited to bring this feature and future upgrades to market!”

The Yacht Group’s Yacht Controller system has been utilised by more than 26,000 boat owners over the last 20 years since its debut at the Miami International Boat Show in 2003.The company is supported by international research and development, engineering and manufacturing teams and a worldwide network of sales and service dealers.