YACHT CONTROLLER, following its policy of development of innovative products of high technology that have the purpose to make even more safe and pleasant the navigation, back from the success of the launch of Yacht CONTROLLER JCS and of Yacht CONTROLLER JCS Plus, joystick of manoeuvre, winners also at the Boote Düsseldorf, as the best technological innovation 2014, is pleased to introduce and to place side by side to the today’s production:

For the Joystick lovers Yacht CONTROLLER EN-JOY is the best of the YACHT CONTROLLER wireless technologies applied on joystick in a unique product of high quality.

Here below the main features:

  • Double band of transmission ensure the perfect operation in case of external interferences or damage of one of the two bands
  • Leds on the frontal panel of the receiver that signal the correct operation of the electronics, the state of the active commands and, in case of malfunction, the type of damage

  • The beeper doesn’t signal only the loss of the connection with the transmitter but also the different conditions of operation and alarm
  • Multiprocessor structures with double controls on each function
  • Double relays for each command output
  • Modular design
  • Automatic operation, engines and thrusters of manoeuvre can be contemporarily used to assist the less experiences in the manoeuvres of mooring
  • Manual operation, with which you can manage to the best, the manoeuvre of mooring and the activation of the thrusters both together with the engines and/or separately
  • Management of the acceleration (only with established control heads endowed with digital protocol)
  • Management up to 2 anchor winches
  • Transmitter water resistant
  • The batteries vain on the back, watertight, makes the change of the three batteries easy and fast
  • Simple integration with Yacht Controller Dual Band wireless and with the joysticks of manoeuvre JCS and JCS Plus

All these features and other more, condensed in a wireless joystick remote endowed with a micro joystick certified following the hardest norms. It’s enough to position the levers of the electronic commands of the boat in neutral position, to switch-on YACHT CONTROLLER EN-JOY, to turn the transmitter ON and take the control by pressing a button on the handset. The system is now fully operational and from any point of the boat, with the sole movement of a finger, will be simultaneously activated the DX and SX engines and the bow and stern thrusters, allowing the boat to maneuver in any direction, simply, without risks and dangers, with precision and relax. Removing the pressure on the joystick transmitter, the system will automatically go in neutral position. The installation is simple and fast, all it is necessary is to connect the receiver to the control head and to the switches/joysticks of the thrusters. EN-Joy is currently available for use with all the main types of electronic controls currently on the market. TECHNICAL DATA

  • Transmitter power: 3 batteries 1.5V type AAA (LR03)
  • Transmission and low battery indicator LEDs
  • Transmission power: 5mW (50 metres max)
  • Receiver power: 12V DC or 24V DC ± 5% max
  • Transmitter dimensions (mm): 122 x 70 x 60
  • Receiver dimensions (mm): 180 x 170 x 75
  • Easy integration with Joystick JCS
  • Two-axis joystick with button for separate activation of bow and stern thrusters
  • AUTO/MAN operating mode


  • Management of stern thruster
  • Management of 2 anchor windlasses
  • Integration with YC wireless Dual Band or Smart
  • Management of acceleration with different settings (only digital models)